Step Forward Paper

Save Trees, Use Step Forward Paper ™

Did you know that acclaimed actor Woody Harrelson co-founded a Canadian “tree-free” paper company that manufactures an eco-friendly paper named Step Forward Paper ™?

He and eco-entrepreneur Jeff Golfman founded Prairie Pulp & Paper back in late 1990’s. Their product Step Forward Paper™ is made with 80% wheat straw, which means 80% less virgin forest fiber than traditional papers. It is the first paper of its kind to hit shelves in North America. It is available in most office supply stores (Staples, OfficeMax, and many more.)

Next office supply order? Step Forward Paper!

If you work in an office environment and are able to suggest changes within your company, why not order Step Forward Paper ™ next time supplies are needed? It could be a first step towards a more sustainable way to conduct business. Using 2 boxes of Step Forward Paper ™ should save one grown tree according to the information available on their website (

Facts about Paper

  • Despite the wishful thinking behind the popular “go-green” initiatives in the business world, we are using more paper than ever before.
  • Each year 3 billion to 6 billion trees are logged for paper and other uses.
  • 50% of the trees that are cut down go to making paper. Worldwide we consume over 400 million metric tonnes of paper each year and that equates to over 3 billion trees harvested annually.
  • North Americans consume almost 30 times more paper per capita than the average person in Africa and 6 times more than the average person in Asia.