Bonterra Organic Vegan Red Wine

Bonterra Organic Vegan Red Wine

Looking for wine isn’t always easy when you are vegan.

(If you didn’t know vegan red wine isn’t common, you can read our article about why most red wines are not vegan.)

Personnaly, when I shop for a vegan red wine at the liquor store, I have my cell phone “Barnivore-ready” and I put my head around the fact that I may be in there for a little while before I manage to find something decent. Well… Here’s my latest finding, and it turned out to be amazingly great!

Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon is an organic vegan red wine available at SAQ in Québec and LCBO in Ontario. (And probably all over the place in the US, since it originates from Califonia).

No animal byproducts used in the making. We tasted it! We loved it!

This wine offers aromas of bright cherry, raspberry and currant with hints of toasted oak and vanilla. Good structure, perfectly dosed coarse taste, well defined tannins and balanced acidity.

“Cabernet Sauvignon wines are known to be dense and of amazing complexity with both nuanced and concentrated flavors. When making our Cabernet Sauvignon, I add value to these layers of taste by blending small amounts of other red varieties for color, texture and a wee bit of spice. Only the best lots (initially kept separately) are blended together to create the final wine.” –Bob Blue, Winemaker at Bonterra Organic Vineyards

Next time you need to purchase a good red wine, give it a try, love it, and talk about it with friends while promoting the fact that it is organically grown and also “animal-friendly”. Then people are going to ask: “Animal friendly? What do you mean? I don’t harm any animal when I drink wine. It’s made from grapes!!! Then you will tell them about how not all red wines are produced away from the everpresent animal exploitation and you will talk about the fining process and what it involves… Pssst… Hint, hint… Here’s where you can find some information to educate them about that: Why most red wines are not vegan… 😉

Spread the love! Instruct your friends and family about how we can steer away from exploiting sentient beings. Tell them about the bonus of becoming healthy in the process. Tell them why it is worth it. Use the hashtag #2Bvegan4 and post your reasons all over the social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Orkut, Fluidinfo,, FriendFeed).

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