2Bvegan4 - Share why you are vegan

#2Bvegan4 – Share why you are vegan

#2Bvegan4 (2Bvegan4, To be Vegan for…)
Use this new hashtag to share the reasons that made you decide to embrace a vegan life style! Let’s inspire the world with positive comments that will fill the Internet around the globe. Tell everybody what makes you live veganism fully!

What you have to say matters!

Be genuine. Explain the issues you truly care about; the world will be a witness to each step, each comment. Your posts will provide massive help. Even the most powerful and influent people can hear the voice of those having something to say. Reach out to those above, you have a lot to offer when you take action and move towards veganism. Write an article or a blog post about veganism, share projects with your community. Give real thought to which message you want to send out to the world. The gesture alone will stand out. Also, pay attention to what others have to say, I mean real attention! Do your research by reading people’s posts and tweets and publications and articles and books, be interested. Learn more about veganism and let your quest become a passion. Invest genuine time in learning about what really matters to others who are vegan or want to be. Invest genuine time in understanding what really matters to the world, to animals, to Planet Earth, tu Humanity…

Post anything about why you chose veganism, using the hastag 2Bvegan4 (#2Bvegan4). You can publish something on any (or all) of these platforms that use hashtags: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Orkut, Fluidinfo, Catch.com, FriendFeed. (Your posts will randomly automatically appear on this page after people start using the hashtag 2Bvegan4.)

Post many things, many times, anywhere, everywhere…

Let’s make a change! Let’s be the change! #2Bvegan4

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