Vegan Lapel Pin

The Vegan Lapel Pin – It’s a Statement

Here is a keen idea for showing your attachment to vegan values. The Vegan Lapel Pin! A lapel pin displaying the vegan food symbol (V letter inside a circle)

Show the world that you care about animals, respect, equity, humanity and about our planet and all the vegan coherent values, but with discretion. (Enough to draw sight of the keen eye and of people familiar with the vegan symbol, but not agressive to people who don’t embrace the vegan lifestyle.)

• Show the world your commitment to living cruelty-free by wearing the Vegan lapel pins!

• A nice conversation starter that can help you meet new people that care about the same important issues as you regarding veganism.

• Beautiful sober and discrete black and white metal lapel pin about veganism.

• Show you care about the planet, humanity, animals, respect and equity for all earthlings and sentient beings.

• Wear the vegan lapel pin as a symbol that shows your core values and lifestyle to the world. Épinglette végane, à propos du véganisme.

Currently available for purchase here, on eBay and at! (Note: If you do not wish to use eBay or Amazon for purchasing the lapel pin, you can also visit this page: or send an email to, arrangements can be made for larger quantities if you wish to sell the Vegan Lapel Pin in your establishment).

25% of the proceeds will be donated to the SPCA* and the remaining of the profit will be used to finance other projects intended to promote veganism values and the virtues of a vegan alimentation.

*SPCA is Giving Animals a Voice
Guided by the humane ethic, it is the MISSION of the Montreal SPCA to:

  • Protect animals against negligence, abuse, and exploitation;
  • Represent their interests and ensure their well-being;
  • Raise public awareness and help develop compassion for all living beings.

You can visit SPCA’s website by following this link:
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals