Joaquin Phoenix is Vegan! Famous Vegans

Joaquin Phoenix is Vegan!

Not only is he an excellent actor, Joaquin Phoenix is also a great human being. He speaks on public tribunes for those without a voice. He gives time and deploys efforts to support one of the most important issue of mankind history in this day and age: Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The lovely charm and authenticity emanating from his candor in various interviews on talk-shows suggest that this unpredictable persona cares far less about other peoples consideration then about being a fundamentally genuine and humane person.

It’s no surprise that people are drawn to Joaquin because honesty devoid of futility is refreshing in a world where a book gets too often judged by its cover.

When interviewed about the moment he decided to be Vegan, Joaquin explains that he recalls being on a boat with his family. A fish was caught then thrown against the side of the boat to end in a violent death. At that point he understood what was done to animals in order for us to eat them… No disguise, it was out in the open. In order to end up in our plates, an animal goes from being vibrantly alive to being dead because of a human act. He recognized it as did his brothers and sisters.

Skillful and influential, Joaquin Phoenix is a candidate of choice when it comes to supporting animal rights organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). You can view some videos about a few of the numerous themes he defends by following the links below:

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Joaquin Phoenix is Vegan
Cruelty free Joaquin Phoenix among sheeps, not for their wool!