Woody Harrelson is Vegan

Woody Harrelson is Vegan! Famous Vegans

When questioned about what prompted him to embrace veganism, Woody Harrelson tells the story about what first pushed him to go dairy-free. He eventually went on to become fully vegan.

He was in his young twenties, struggling at the beginning of his acting career. Constantly stuck with a runny-nose, his face covered with acne. One day, out of the blue, on the bus, a stranger tells him: “You are lactose intolerant. You should stop dairies for a few days and you’ll see, all the symptoms will go away…” He thought: “I have tried every possible thing to get rid of this, I’ll give it a shot!” And very well, he refrained from consuming dairy products and 3-4 days later, the mucus and the acne had vanished.

Harrelson is also an eloquent environmental activist and he has proven that he doesn’t just talk the talk, he also walks the walk.

Did you know that this acclaimed actor co-founded a Canadian “tree-free” paper company? In the late 1990’s, he and eco-entrepreneur Jeff Golfman created Step Forward Paper™. Their product is made with 80% wheat straw, which means 80 per cent less virgin forest fiber than traditional papers. It is the first paper of its kind to hit shelves in North America. It is available in most of all office supply stores (Staples, OfficeMax, Lyreco, Unisource, and many more.)

If you work in an office environment and are able to suggest changes within your company, why not order Step Forward Paper™ next time supplies are needed? It could be a first step towards a more sustainable way to conduct business. Using 2 boxes of Step Forward Paper™ should save one grown tree according to the information available on their website (http://stepforwardpaper.com/product/).

Woddy Harrelson co-founded Step Forward Paper - 2 boxes Save 1 tree

Woody Harrelson also co-owns (with chef Mollie Engelhart) the world’s first organic vegan beer garden.

With chef Mollie Engelhart, Woody Harrelson co-owns the world’s first organic vegan beer garden. This vegan bistro is named “Sage“. They have three established locations in California along with a food truck and they offer catering services. Here is a great article that describes Sage as Culver City’s Best New Vegan Restaurant.

Woddy Harrelson co-owns Sage Plant Based Bistro
Woddy Harrelson co-owns Sage Plant Based Bistro

About Raw food

Woody, who also calls himself the “happy hippie” claims there are multiple benefits to eating raw food and how processed food can affect our overall energy levels and immune system. I invite you to research the keywords: “Woody Harrelson Raw” on YouTube to find a few clips where he discusses this matter.

About Veganism

If you are curious to know more about veganism and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), I invite you to read the following article that provides a few reasons to implement changes in your life to have more Earth-friendly habits that will help humanity: http://vegan.ism.today/.