Assembly of not vegan people promoting animal killing as a tradition that needs to be saved from veganism.

“Killing animals: Save us from the vegan movement!”

Veganism is becoming more popular. Proof? There are now groups petitionning for “defending themselves” in the face of the “Vegan” mouvement.

While we are trying to stop the killing, there are people promoting animal killing as a tradition that needs to be saved from veganism. In the small village of Villeneuve (Arles) in France, the National Observatory of Taurine Cultures promotes a convention defending “traditions of the South“. These “traditions of the South” span from gastronomy to hunting and also includes bullfighting (these dismal corridas where bulls are killed as a show). This convention is a means of countering the vegan animalistic movement which, according to the instigators, is growing in power.

Among the traditions that the convention defends, there are elements of the rural world: agriculture, livestock, hunting, fishing, and so on. According to them, veganism (which they call the animalist mouvement “vegan”) and even vegetarism threatens this heritage.

Extrait de la charte qui dénonce le mouvement végane

Translation of an excerpt from the charter:
“In a globalizing world, at the risk of causing the disappearance of many minority cultures, it is essential to recall – as the member states are committed to it by the UNESCO conventions of 2003 and 2005 on the protection and promotion of the heritages Intangible cultural diversity and the diversity of cultural expressions – that, as long as they do not infringe on human rights, they must be respected and be able to be transmitted freely … “
(source: Observatoire National des Cultures Taurines –

Thankfully, there are also more and more movements talking about the virtues of making vegan choices in our everyday life and it is supported by many people around the globe… Here is an interesting article I came upon on The Telegraph website titled I went vegan for 60 days – and it changed my life

If you are question yourself about Veganism, I strongly suggest a little Google Search… Veganism is a set of values one decides to adopt and live in coherence with. It pertains to health and alimentation, but also to erradicating animal exploitation, and cruelty towards them.

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