vegetalian funny french people

Vegetalian? Like vegetarian with an L

Did you say vegetalian? Yes, like vegetarian but with an L!!! (These French people are funny sometimes…)

You see, in French the word “vegan” can mean two things.

  • You have the literal translation of the word which describes someone who eats exclusively vegetables, grains, legumes, etc. (basically, nothing that comes from animals) designated by the French word: “végétalien” (which French people sometimes venture translating phonetically to “vegetalian”).
  • Then you have another definition of the word vegan which is the same as I just described but with an added bonus of caring about ethical treatment of all living sentient beings, never using any animal byproduct or any clothe that comes from animal exploitation, designated by the French word “végane“.

So, just like the French people using two different words (“végétalien” and “végane“) to translate the English word “Vegan”, you can have a world of differences between being vegan and being vegan the French way… (Nevertheless, it goes without saying that many vegan people are vegan for ethical values and define themselves in full conformity of what “végane” means in French.)

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or végane, (or a funny French person calling yourself “vegetalian”), the fact that you consume little to no animal byproducts helps humanity tremendously and I am proud of you.

Getting out of your comfort zone…

Whatever inspires your actions, I would like to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone for this new year, and do some research about how you can become a better person…

  • If you are a vegetarian, you could research articles on the Web about why some people claim that the milk industry is as bad as killing animals to eat them?
  • If you are a vegan who observes vegetalism only for health reasons, or religious beliefs, why not open your horizon a bit more by finding out why some people consider unethical testing cosmetics or soaps on animals ?
  • If you are a vegan abiding to the aforementioned French definition of the word “végane”, why not try and instruct yourself about ecological issues such as Amazon deforestation, or even find out how to influence even one person around you to eat less meat?

Let’s BE the change! We owe it to Planet earth; we owe it to our future generations; we owe it to ourselves.

No matter how small, we all have the power to inspire, influence, change things around us, among our group of friends, within our families, within ourselves.